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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of information is needed for the booking?

You should provide the total number of passengers, infants and children included, the full exact destination address of the resort and your personal mobile phone number for booking confirmation and transfer details. (Your number will not be used for any other purposes).

What if I want a route that it is not included in the list of the?

In that case, please send us the route you are looking for by email and our administration team will answer back and let you know if the specific route is available. booking@gr-bus.com

Is it possible to book for a different number of people arriving and coming back?

You have to make separate one way bookings in order to do this. But, in case of a private transfer, you have to book for the maximum number of passengers at one time.

Is it possible to book for people arriving with different flights?

While booking, it is suggested that the name and flight details required are those of the person whose flight lands last.

What are the various possible payment methods?

Payment is given in full at the driver before boarding the transfer vehicle. VISA Debit/Credit, MasterCard and Maestro are accepted.

How can I confirm my pick-up from/to the airport?

You should confirm the details of your departure transfer for your pick up time on to gr-bus.com 48 hours before your scheduled flight departure. You need the booking confirmation number or the booking reference. You can also contact the local operator on the office number, within local office working hours, 48 hours before your return flight. If you have trouble reaching the local office, please dial the emergency assistance number.

How do I know my booking was successful?

s soon as you confirm your booking, the booking reference number will appear on screen and so you can save it and/or print it. Then, an email booking confirmation will automatically be sent to your personal email address along with full details of your transfer.

What kind of paperwork is needed while travelling?

You should have a copy of your booking confirmation and your voucher. These must be shown to the driver before boarding your transfer vehicle.

Do you provide service to people with disabilities, for example users of wheelchair?

The standard luggage allowance is one suitcase which should not exceed 90cm x 75cm and one piece of hand luggage 56cm x 45cm. Any extra equipment, such as wheelchairs or bicycles, is classed as excess luggage and is chargeable. Our shuttle transfers are not suitable for people who cannot climb the steps into a vehicle. In any case, you must contact us prior to booking to check what kind of service we can provide you with, concerning these conditions.

How much time in advance should I be at pick up point?

You should be at the pick up point at least 15 minutes before. There may be a normal delay of maximum 15 minutes for your transfer due to traffic or delays when picking up other guests (in the case of a shared service). After this time, you must contact the office or the emergency phone number. It is your responsibility to ensure that you get to the airport in good time to catch your flight. Please ensure that you ask and keep a receipt for any additional costs incurred in case you wish to claim a refund.

In case of a flight change or delay, how do I contact you?

ou should contact us either by email or by calling the local supplier using the telephone number stated on your voucher. New departure flight number and time are needed.

Can I change the booking details in case of a mistake?

In case you have made any mistake while booking, you can contact us within 7 days before your departure. You can send by email your request with the new details and as soon as we make the changes, we reply back confirming the new booking along with the new booking reference number.

If I miss the flight, do I have to book a new transfer? Do I get any money refund?

In that case you should call the emergency phone number and book a new transfer with additional cost. You may get a discount for your transfer back as part of your initial booking. Please contact us to check if that is possible.

Do you provide a lost and found service?

If you leave personal belongings in the transfer vehicle, you should call the emergency number provided along with your booking confirmation/voucher. Any additional fees incurred in recovering your lost property is entirely your responsibility. Our company is not responsible for personal belongings that cannot be found.

Can I cancel the booking? If yes, are there any cancellation fees?

If you wish any cancellation, should you visit our website. You need to enter your email address and reference number to access your booking. There are no cancellation charges if you make the cancellation within 7 days before.

As soon as I land, where I go?

Once you have landed, you look for our representative, waiting for you at our desk. Then will be guided to your transfer vehicle.

How do I know the pick-up point?

You should contact us 48 before your departure in order to find out your pick up time and point. Our telephone center is always at your disposal to provide you with any information needed.

How long will the transfer take?

The time stated on our website is estimated and may vary according to local road and weather conditions. It also depends on the possibility of multiple pick-ups and/or drop-offs during transfer.

Is there the possibility to book a more than one stop transfer?

This is only possible if it is in the same resort. If you have booked a private transfer, please contact us to find out the possible additional fees.

Can I book just one way transfer?

You should select the proper option on the appropriate box. Please make sure you have used the right option before moving to the next step.

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